Roasted Boneless Shoulder of Lamb (fat free)

1491407982578Recipe : 1 boneless shoulder of lamb, 1 lemon juiced, 2 teaspoons tandoori powder, 1 teaspoon himalayan salt, half teaspoon red chilli powder, some fresh ginger.

Method : wash and dry lamb. Heat badboy 230°C (max). Water dance. Brown/ seal the meat on all sides. (I decided not to marinade the meat before browning to allow for a better seal and prevent meat from sticking to the pan. Once cooked, the flavour was still intense done this way in the bb). Meanwhile, peel and crush fresh ginger and mix spices with lemon juice to make a marinade sauce.

Once meat is browned on one side, it will release from the pan as the fat liquifies – approx 5-7 mins. Turn it over and pour/ spread half the marinade on the browned side. When the other side is browned too, pour the remaining marinade onto the lamb and spread with a spoon to cover entire surface.  150°C Cover click 110°C for approx 30 mins.


1491381501300.jpgTurn side. Cover cook approx 30 mins at 100°C or until cooked. Check with a knife if meat is tender, cooked through. Carve. Put gravy in a jug. Serve. Enjoy.





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